Saturday, November 28, 2009

Road trip!

Today I had a some PIT friends over and we all went to
the Boring (in Oregon) GDB campus for Ogden's graduation.

It was fun! We all road in Kristy's puppy truck. This is
Sigmund, and Franco has his head under the seat.

Dougie went with us too. He is just a little guy.

Bethany and Stefani started Ogden. He will be a great
guide for his person in New Albany, Indiana.

You are my friend Franco, but...

We got to meet Flute! Franco's litter-mate!
However, this is Apex, he did today's demonstration.

This was a really cool sculpture at campus.

We all rested on the way home.

Anna rode with me too! She raised my half-sister Lynn.

This is Lynn as a PIT. She now is a guide in up-state New York.