Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Twas the night before Christmas

...and all through the house...
we put our Christmas bandannas on!

so I could go to work and visit folks at the rehab hospital!

Hera got to come with us too! I dressed up a little.

My friends Allegra and Dale went too! I don't remember what song Mommy was whistling.

Allegra sure is nice!

Then Allegra came over to visit after work.

and she brought Gillian, she sure is happy!

I wanted the girls to see my tree...

Allegra sure looks cuddly.

Sam wanted to meet Gillian

Gillian seemed to interested in Sam

Sam wanted to say Hi to Gillian. Hera was a good girl.

Allegra . . .

Gimme a kiss

A l l l e e g r r a a a a

I think she likes me!