Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 – my year in review

Will there be more snow? Please!

This is my year in review. It has been the most eventful in my memory.


I started the year as a PIT recently transferred. We had some very cold days last month and I look forward to a new year.

We started off by going to a place with lots of people for Mommy's birthday.

Then I visited Kristy for a few days while Niguel (PIT) visited our house and my kitties. Rosie thinks she is hiding.

I went to hockey games at both the Rose Garden and the Memorial Coliseum.

There was this funny bird in a jersey (Tomahawk) that said Hi to me.


I went to see a movie in a theater! We saw Hotel for Dogs. I enjoyed watching that movie.

I saw another movie that they had to wear these funny glasses. I tried on Mom's.


This month was my initial recall date. They decided I needed more time to be ready for formal training.

We went to Grandma's beach house in Waldport. This is a really cool place.

We even saw a bald eagle flying over the surf!


Most of the puppies from our club and some career changed dogs walked in the MS Walk around downtown Salem. It was a great cause and fun to get out with all my friends.


With my second recall date coming I went to campus for evaluation of my skin because I'm often itchy. After a couple of weeks at campus with all the nice people there, and since my recall date is near they did my health screen. They discovered I have elbow dysplasia. This disqualifies me to be a guide dog, and so I was career changed. Then I got a new collar and got to go for a ride with Kristy. We stopped at a place where a nice person gave me a treat! Something about gas, but I didn't understand that. Then she took me home. It was a nice day out. I went in the back yard with Mom & Dad and I got a new toy, a ball, but Dad threw it across the yard! Then I tasted some peanut butter. Yum!! I even got a new tag that says I’m licensed to be a dog - or something like that.


Tandy (PIT) came to visit. It was nice to have another puppy in the house.

Those cats have been too pushy lately. I started taking some obedience classes. I thought I had Mom trained, but, she needed some more work. It was fun to meet other dogs.


We started the month with a road trip around the Olympic Peninsula in Washington.

We saw this really huge tree.

The beach has smooth rocks instead of sand like at Grandma's beach.

We visited a city called Forks.

Some old forts from long ago.

Then I got to meet a new family pet Maggie a female yellow lab.
She lives in Gig Harbor, Washington.

When we got back a new female black lab Hera (PIT) showed up.

She is little and sure has sharp teeth! She leaves with Mom in the morning. Whew ~ I need the break, she wears me out!

I also earned my Canine Good Citizen! I got a new tag that makes me jinglier.


I went swimming with Cort (CC) and Landry (CC). It was my first time swimming and fetching. Something new for sure. Cort is a good lifeguard but Landry is awesome at this swimming thing!

Then later in the month I got to swim again at WOU swim day. Landry was there too. He sure is a pro at this stuff.

I got my purple Pet Ambassador bandanna, which I wear to official stuff.

Our puppy club went to Fun Day at campus! I met some people I knew as a little puppy.

I got another red bandanna from the Career Change Community at Fun Day.


We went to Grandma's beach house again and it was sunny and warm.

What do you mean mint?!

We went for another drive and saw more of the coast.

Hera (PIT) and I went to Doggiepalooza at the World Forestry Center.


I had my second birthday and began my training to become a therapy dog.

I met a my new buddy Franco (PIT) and went to Halloween parties.

We also went to strangers doors and they gave us ice cubes!


Graduation! I became a Therapy Dog!

I went to campus to see Ogden graduate. Afterwards my friends Franco (PIT) and Sigmund (PIT) played tug with me.

On Thanksgiving, I visited folks in the rehab hospital for my first official Therapy Dog visit. Allegra (Retired Guide) is a good mentor.


Crazy weather! Cold, rain, snow! A tree in the house! With blinky lights on it too.

I got so many new things too! So many places we went. I went to a party with a lots of my friends. Niguel (CC) who just returned from campus was there. I was great to see all my friends.

Next year will be great! I'll start by visiting some folks at the Rehab Hospital the next few evenings. As I've heard a wise person say, “If you're stuck in the hospital you deserve to have a dog visit you.”

So, be safe out there and have a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Twas the night before Christmas

...and all through the house...
we put our Christmas bandannas on!

so I could go to work and visit folks at the rehab hospital!

Hera got to come with us too! I dressed up a little.

My friends Allegra and Dale went too! I don't remember what song Mommy was whistling.

Allegra sure is nice!

Then Allegra came over to visit after work.

and she brought Gillian, she sure is happy!

I wanted the girls to see my tree...

Allegra sure looks cuddly.

Sam wanted to meet Gillian

Gillian seemed to interested in Sam

Sam wanted to say Hi to Gillian. Hera was a good girl.

Allegra . . .

Gimme a kiss

A l l l e e g r r a a a a

I think she likes me!

Monday, December 21, 2009

That Christmas Spirit

If you haven't got the Christmas Spirit maybe this will help!
I got this nice new sweater and added some lights to it, it
really look best in the dark. So, while at the Christmas Tree
lighting at the WOU campus in Monmouth, I wore my sweater
and shared my Christmas Spirit with students, children, grown
ups and the puppies from our club. It was freezing cold but
seeing all those people and puppies warmed me up. It was fun!

Here are some of the puppies from our club, April, my buddy
Franco (dang did he grow some more?), me and Hera.

Y'know that concrete is really cold!